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Streamline your season ticket and parking allocation process with SeatPeek Select

3 Ways to Improve Your Allocation Process

1. Add Transparency With a Real-Time Inventory Map

Your season ticket holders and VIP donors want to be part of the team, and they know the finer details can make a big impact on their total experience. Aisle seat or center of row? How far are the seats from the concourse? Is this parking lot on the same side of the stadium as my tickets?

Incorporate a SeatPeek Select map system and you’ll quit wasting time on the phone trying to explain to a new prospect where seats are located in your venue and what is available. Inventory is updated through an easy-to-use administrative website that uses the same map layout that your fans see. If you and your staff can log in and check a box, you can update this system.

2. Put the Data at Your Fingertips – in a Visual Way

Take your SeatPeek Select map system to the next level by storing information about the ticket/parking space holder in the map. This will give administrative staff the ability to see who is sitting next to whom, make informed decisions on adjusting location assignments, and execute those changes on the SeatPeek Select map.

3. Automate Your Seat Selection Process

Provide full transparency and let the computers do all the work by setting up a timed allocation process for your season ticket, premium seating, or reserved parking patrons. Your customers log in at their designated time, make their selections, and receive an email confirming their choice, all on a smartphone-friendly system. The inventory available is automatically updated, and on the backend, you can see where donors are seated in our intuitive, 3D SeatPeek Select map.

SeatPeek helps Ticketing and Development offices within College Athletic Departments generate increased sales and operational efficiency through custom, cloud-based software.

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